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Childs Laughter by black-laced-heart Childs Laughter :iconblack-laced-heart:black-laced-heart 0 0 Serious by black-laced-heart Serious :iconblack-laced-heart:black-laced-heart 0 0 Jump by black-laced-heart Jump :iconblack-laced-heart:black-laced-heart 0 0 friendships by black-laced-heart friendships :iconblack-laced-heart:black-laced-heart 0 16
Dark Void
Sitting here on this lonely swing
Orange and brown leaves falling all around me
The wind blows, and there is silence no more
Thoughts surround me….
Staring into a dark void of confusion
Afraid of what I know
Afraid to say what I need to say…
Living in a fantasy world
Scared of reality
Wanting to love, and be loved
Not knowing what is going around me
I get dizzy
I fall off my beautiful, silent swing
The ground breaks my fall.
I lay here staring into the beautiful magenta sunset
How serene it is
How innocent
How quiet
I wake up in my dark room
I look at the silent walls
The shadows moving across
How many secrets do these walls behold?
:iconblack-laced-heart:black-laced-heart 0 22
Deep void of the unknown
Enclosing around me
It feeds on mt thoughts
As i walk through its encompassing darkness...
Afraid to know
Afraid to feel
The darkness grows hungrier
Suffocating me...
Pain seeps through
Screaming fails
No one hears
No one cares...
Body no longer working
Can't feel anything
No more darkness
Is death the last thing???
:iconblack-laced-heart:black-laced-heart 0 36
The dark clouds surround the glistening moon,
Shining painful light into the depths of her coul,
Tears fall helplessly down her stunning face,
All she wants to do is run from this evil place.
No more lies,
No more pain,
All she wants is to be free again.
Lost in thought,
Lost in prayer,
Why can't she hold onto what she doth fear?
Afraid to let go,
Afraid to say goodbye,
Once more fighting with the thoughts locked inside of her mind.
She drops to her knees,
Tears no longer able to fall freely,
She screams....
Letting go of all her pain,
Knowing she will be with him once again,
She lets go for a little while,
And fades away....
:iconblack-laced-heart:black-laced-heart 4 39
darkened tree
Lost in my dark, lonesome, closed up mind. Hainting myself...terrified of what I see in the mirror. Ripping away at my beige and rotten flesh. Paranoid, hating, angered, uncaring....left by myself for so long that I no longer feel...i no longer feel love, kindness, warmth... All I feel and all I know is hate, anger, paranoia, fear and the cold... My mind is full of words, some painful, some so beautiful I cringe in pain... I sit outside on my rough, rotten log near the dark, grey, iced overed lake. Listening to the dark crows cawng in the night. I stand and hear the branches of the dead and blackened trees move...I stare in awe...I was drawn to the sight i was looking I moved closer the dark image came clearer...I saw the twisted body hanginf off of that blackened branch, dark red blood dripping slowly all hte way down the magled body. Covered in whip marks, purple and blue bruises, fresh and dried blood was that body... I smiled...Turned away....I finally felt a twinkle of hap
:iconblack-laced-heart:black-laced-heart 1 9
She glides across the room, her back arched as if she has one-hundred, rusty fish-hooks pierced into her cowardly spine. Her feet barely touch the cold, hard, stone floor. She clumbsily falls onto the soft, cushioned bed that lulls her into a false sense of secruity. She withers around as if in excruciating pain until after what seems an eternity, she becomes still. Eyes wide open in horror? Shock? Anguish? Fear? Who knows? Not even she, herself. Her eyes glued open but she cannot see. She is unable to pull the lids of her blackened eyes down to sleep. Afraid to sleep but not knowing why. She can't explain the emptiness locked insede of her pitiful soul. Fear of what can happen, of what might rip out her bloodied heart and chew at the bitter, bluish veins inside her tormented body, has trapped her within her own mind like poison stuck to the twisted and evil walls on the inside of a little, sweet, whimpering puppy.....
:iconblack-laced-heart:black-laced-heart 2 18
The Noose...
I had been searching for days, weeks, maybe even months. I had no idea what i had been searching for until i walked into my dark basement and saw was nicely done as if it had been drawn on a piece of paper. As i switched on the light it glistened. IT called my name...I was drawn into it power...I wlaked towards it and just bathed in its golden glory....It hung there, from the ceiling in a manner that made my knees quiver in excitement...I took a chair...I placed the perfect circle around my neck and pulled, so that it was as tight as it could be...An unknown force moved the chair out from under my feet...I had been sucked had drawn me in with its powers. I got sucked in by my uindeniable temptation to touch this bautiful is had taken my is...the noose...
:iconblack-laced-heart:black-laced-heart 1 13
Twisted Fate
She runs through the dark forest, fighting her way through the twisted trees. Tormented by her deranged thoughts she comes to an opening upon which she finds her own body in a heap by the heavely flowing waterfall that is now tainted with blood. She blinks rapidly and the image dissapears. She wakes up in a strange room, on a wooden four-poster-bed with a straw mattress. She is dressed in an off-white nightgown. She finds teh knife, sharp, silver and cold... She studies the knife, taking in every single detail.... She slowly inches the knife up towards her throat. Is she dreaming? Has she been taken over by an evil force? The sharp, silver knife reaches her throat. The metal slides across her throat in one sweet, sweeping motion. The knife falls to the ground with a crash. Her body falls limp. It wasnt a dream after all... She no longer lives in this cruel twisted world. Her fate has been met......
:iconblack-laced-heart:black-laced-heart 2 11
Random words
Random words are appearing on this deranged piece of paper. This pen is dripping its ink and violating the white paper taking away its innocence. Blood drips down my arm, refilling this tainted pen. The hopes and dreams that may have filled this land, lost without a trace. Strange equations filling this empty void. How can we find the answer to the question our mind can not even perceive? To fail, to pass what does it really matter? happiness is hard to come by so why waste your time looking for it? This is really random, and probably makes no sense, but who really cares if we are all too busy and consumed with our own self hatred? A knife top your heart can hurt as much as words on paper but how can you see and feel this pain if you are blinded by love? letting go of your rusty blade was probably the hardest thing to do...but...look at yourself now!!! Wasnt it the best thing you ever did? i know you miss the feeling of pleasure you used to have when slicing open your old wounds. Dont
:iconblack-laced-heart:black-laced-heart 0 15
Raging River
I am getting angry
I am getting upset
Am I really feeling these things?
Or is it all in my head?
Why do you keep asking if I am okay?
Does it look like I am suffering?
Don't suffocate me with generosity
Stop selling your kindness
I don't need it; I don't need it at all.
My head is full of mazes
Mazes I will never find my way out of
You try to help me
But you cant.
You wrap around me like a snake not letting me breathe
Let me breathe
I need to be free
Free from harm
And free from you.
Memories are a flood of pain
Coursing over my body
Leaving scars and wounds that no one else can see
And no one else can heal
But myself.
I am honoured to see your face
To feel your warmth
But let me be
I need to be freed from this thing we call reality
Let me back into my fantasy.
I am not asking you to let me fall back down into my river of denial
I am not asking you to let me let go of this life
Just let me be for I need to be set free
I want to spread my wings like the glorious eagle
I want to fly over
:iconblack-laced-heart:black-laced-heart 2 34
Walking down the long, dark hallway, towards the large, circular staircase in the middle of an errie house. My feet grate along the concrete stairs. I reach the top of the staircase after what feels like an eternity. I find myself standing in front of an iron door. It slowly opens and i absent-midedly start walking through it. my short, black, lace, night gown is snapped off by an unknown force. I continue to walk forward in the darkness as the harsh wind whips and cuts me, leaving me with bleeding gashes all over my body. All of a sudden i come to a halt. I look down. There is an empty space.A void of the unknown. I can't see anything except darkness. I step off the ledge. Am i falling or just floating through the abyss? There is no fear, no hate, no emotion passing through me.
((( THUD )))
My body very rapidly meets the gravel road hidden by the velvety darkness. My body shatters into a million pieces. There my skin lay on cars and street lamps. My thick, red blood splattered everywh
:iconblack-laced-heart:black-laced-heart 1 29
Personal Prison
Within my personal prison the walls are caving in
As I watch you fade away
I beg for the darkness to have his way with me.
Its time for death
Time to die
The gates if hell open up wide
The misshapen, distorted face becomes clearer.
As the shapely shadow moves towards me
I slowly become an invisible nothing.
The roll of the dice determines our fate
From ordinariness to bloodcurdling disorder
Releasing the furious parasitic beast
Convicted of a crime that has yet to be committed.
Corsitted heart
Last breath taken
Last breath given
Suffocating myself in the darkness
The silence has been broken
:iconblack-laced-heart:black-laced-heart 0 41
a random collection of words..
How unusual.... no really how unusual... i mean i woke up this morning thinking that it was just another day and that i have to do some study and shit like that.... but then im sitting at the computer just cruising on DA and then i get disconnected... its my aunt, she tells me to go out to the front of the house, and look to see if there is a dog underneath our kowhai tree..... So i did.... and it was there.... this black and white dog...he looked so old... i am not even sure if it was a he or not but it certainly looked old... anyways so i told my aunty that it was still there and she told me that the dog had been under that same tree almost as if he was waiting for someone or something. Then she told me to go and put a bowl of food and a bowl of water near the dog and call her after lunch... well when i got off the phone from her i did that... i went out the front and placed a bowl of water and food in front of the dog. I then noticed that the dog was actually tied to the tree by a s
:iconblack-laced-heart:black-laced-heart 0 11

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Lacking Creativity!

Journal Entry: Sun May 30, 2010, 7:25 AM

Hey guys,

So it has been a huge amount of time since I have been on here commenting and posting but I aim to improve that.

As you may or may not have seen I have posted some photography that I have done in the past year or so up here. However, I need a muse! I can only get a few lines out on a piece of paper at the moment so no new poetry or prose from me at the moment. But here is hoping that things improve soon!

I look forward to seeing some more of your guys work and also commenting :)

Much Love <3 xoxox

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